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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

De Beers Marks Diamond Jewelry Craftsmanship with 3D Window Displays

De Beers Diamond Jewellers is celebrating 120 years of craftsmanship with an exhibition in Tokyo using new 3D technology.

The exhibition is in the form of window displays at Isetan, the world-famous department store. The 3D film is shown on Alioscopy screens in the store windows, giving consumers an insider view of De Beers diamond jewelry through multimedia displays. The exhibition will run through July 21.

The stereoscopic 3D film captures the beauty and sparkle of De Beers jewelry shown in a continuous loop of visual artistry. The 3D film is shown on a customized screen that does not require viewers to wear special glasses and allows the finest details of the jewelry to be seen.

The technology is first for Japan and the jewelry world, according to the two London-based companies that created the visual display: Holition, which creates advanced 3D technology applications for retail and Pointy Stick Films, a newly formed 3D production company.

Holition previously made the virtual pages of the Jewelry News Network with a Tissot window display in London that allowed consumers virtually try on watches.

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