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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

High Flying Pandora Returns to Earth with No Growth in 2011 Revenue

A tumultuous year for Pandora came to an end after a 10-percent drop in revenue for the fourth quarter, leaving the jewelry manufacturer and designer with a 0.1 percent decrease in group revenue to 6.65 billion Danish kroner ($1.18 billion) in 2011.

This is a far cry from the spectacular results the company, known for its silver charm jewelry, reported from 2009 until the mid-year of 2011. The bottom dropped out for the fast-growing brand—a darling of investors, retailers and consumers—with a second-quarter report released in August where the company changed its outlook from expecting a revenue growth of no less than 30 percent for 2011 and an EBITDA margin of minimum 40 percent with flat revenue and EBITDA margins in the low thirties for the year. This report resulted in the immediate resignation of its CEO, Mikkel Vendelin Olesen, and a one-day 65 percent drop in the value of its stock.

The company also announced Tuesday that it has begun a campaign to buy back unsold stock from retailers for the first two quarters of the fiscal year that will negatively affect 2012 results. The company estimates that the campaign will cost 500 million to 800 million Danish kroner.

“The campaign will encourage Pandora retailers to exchange discontinued, merchandise for appropriately priced best-sellers, on a one-for-one basis,” the company said. “(It) will likely generate a corresponding negative impact, due to cannibalization of forward sales, on reported numbers across the whole of 2012.”

Among Pandora’s results for 2011:

* Sales in Americas increased 7.9 percent (12.4 percent in local currency);

* Sales in Europe fell 8.3 percent (down 7.7 percent in local currency);

* Sales in Asia Pacific decreased by 0.2 percent (down 4.3 percent in local currency);

* Gross margin increased to 73 percent in 2011 compared to 70.9 percent in 2010;

* EBITDA margin was 34.3 percent in 2011 compared to 40.3 percent in 2010;

*EBITDA decreased by 15 percent to 2.28 billion Danish kroner ($406,503 million);

* EBIT margin was 30.9 percent in 2011 compared to 36.2 percent in 2010;

 EBIT decreased by 14.8 percent to DKK 2.05 billion Danish kroner ($366,323 million);

* Reported net profit increased by 8.9 percent to DKK 2.03 billion ($362,684 million) in 2011. Adjusted for a revaluation of the CWE earn-out provision based on a revised outlook for PANDORA CWE, 2011 net profit decreased 18.4 percent to 1.52 billion Danish kroner ($247,228 million).

In its outlook, Pandora it expects 2012 revenue growth to be in mid-single digits; gross margin in the low 60s, driven by the impact of commodities prices and a reduction in our selling prices; and EBITDA margin in the mid 20s.

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