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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Piaget Produces Melody Gardot Video, 'La Vie En Rose'

Melody Gardot adorned in Piaget Rose Collection jewelry.

Grammy-nominated jazz singer, Melody Gardot, is a bit of an enigma and prodigy all rolled into a voice that has been often described as smooth, smoky and sultry. She seems to hum words and bend and roll melodic notes in a voice that is strong and elegant even when it is at a whisper.

The Philadelphia native’s remarkable story has been repeated in every article and appearance she’s ever made. At the age of 19 the bike she was riding was hit by a car and she suffered severe head and spinal injuries and a broken pelvis. Among her long-term problems are memory loss, hypersensitivity to light and loss of her sense of time. A piano player in bars prior to her accident, her doctor suggested music as therapy. She was bedridden for about year and taught herself guitar while lying on her back. She could no longer tolerate the louder music she played prior to her accident so she started writing quiet, traditional jazz songs.

Her stunning sophisticated bohemian look that is constantly changing adds to her mystique. She’s forced to walk with a cane and must wear sunglasses all the time. In many photo shoots and videos, these items serve as props.

Piaget Rose Collection ring.

Piaget tapped into this unusual elegance in song, spirit and appearance by making her the newest ambassador for the luxury watch and jewelry brand. Gardot is promoting the Piaget Rose Collection—a line of diamond jewelry inspired by the shape of a rose. It has a starting price of $1,900 but also includes diamond and precious stone pieces priced up to several hundred thousand of dollars.

Gardot recently released “The Absence,” and is on a worldwide tour promoting the CD as well as Piaget. As an added feature, The Geneva-based company produced an additional song and supporting video of Gardot singing "La Vie En Rose." It appears on a deluxe edition of the new CD. The video is below (After starting the video, please click on the full-screen box on the lower right corner to get the full effect of the video).

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