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Thursday, October 17, 2013

JJ Number 8 Jewelry Releases ‘Freedom’ Video

I have been following the JJ Number 8 jewelry brand since I first met the founder of the company, Jamie, at the 2011 Centurion Jewelry Show, where she was selected as an “Emerging Designer” winner.

The brand specializes in marquise-shaped gemstones with cabochon finishes as well as hoop earrings. The pieces are colorful and playful. Jamie (who prefers to be called “JJ”) also has a knack of presenting her brand in a stylish way through her marketing and advertising programs by focusing on the Southern California lifestyle that is so much of a part of who she is. 

She has now extended her branding to a new medium with the release of the video “Freedom,” featuring a beautiful woman in beautiful jewelry enjoying the Southern California beach lifestyle.It has become the centerpiece of all of her new marketing activities. 

“When I design JJ Number 8 jewelry, I have this world I escape to in my imagination,” Jamie said. “It’s a world that brings me peace. Up until now, it’s been a world that I've only been able to express through my jewelry. But I wanted to share this world and bring the story to life through film and artistic cinematography and invite everyone to experience it with me.”

Jamie said the video mixes a nurturing calmness, fun and soft energy, and playful femininity.

“To me, it celebrates what it really feels like to be a woman,” she said.

It's good for me to see young jewelry brands with quality products and a strong focus continue to grow and prosper. The video is below:


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