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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The 2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards Winners

Best of Show, Leon Mege - Platinum ring with a 4.71 ct. Paraiba tourmaline accented with French-cut diamonds.

The AGTA Spectrum Awards media day and winners announcement were held recently at its usual undisclosed New York location. I was unable to attend the event this year but that doesn’t mean you have to be neglected of at least seeing the top category winners. 

Best Use of Color, Paula Crevoshay – 18k yellow gold "The Venus Bracelet" with freshwater baroque cultured Pearls (91.43 ctw.) accented with pink and green tourmalines (29.32 ctw.).

The Spectrum Awards are considered by many to be the most respected and prestigious creative awards for the jewelry design industry. Launched in 1984 by the American Gem Trade Association, it honors, recognizes and promotes designers whose work uses natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls in finished fine jewelry design. The international competition serves as the benchmark for jewelry designers striving to gain recognition for their work. In addition, it is one of things the jewelry industry establishes trends through the use of color and materials. 

Best Use of Platinum and Color, Deirdre Featherstone - Platinum "Anemone" earrings with tanzanites (5.37 ctw.) accented with blue zircons (2.88 ctw.), purple sapphires (3.72 ctw.), tsavorite garnets (1.67 ctw.), indigo tourmalines (.40 ctw.), Paraiba tourmalines (.26 ctw.) and Diamonds (.16 ctw.).  

Douglas K. Hucker, CEO of the AGTA, says the 500 or designers who participated in the competition stretched the boundaries in what can be achieved in jewelry design with colored gems and pearls. 

Best Use of Pearls, Naomi Sarna – 18k rose gold necklace with white cultured pearls accented with pink diamonds.

“We were thrilled with the variety of entries at this year’s awards competition,” he said. “We saw a lot of use of striking and strong colors instead of pastels. There were asymmetrical pieces combining rounds with ovals and squares.” 

Evening Wear Maria Canale, Suna Bros. Inc. - Platinum and 20k pink gold bracelet with multi-colored natural spinels (44.31 ctw.) accented with white diamonds (6.80 ctw.) and pink diamonds (1.00 ctw.).

Among the popular choice for colors were blue, and blue green; and the most popular gems used for the competition were tourmalines, sapphires and opals, he added. In addition, he noted that there was a three-fold increase to the entries to the men’s wear category.

Fashion Forward, Ion Ionescu – 18k yellow gold ring featuring a 36 ct. turquoise accented with a 9.2mm Tahitian silver cultured pearl, Paraiba tourmalines (.32 ctw.) and diamonds (.43 ctw.).

Judging from the top winners at the show, pearls and the extremely rare Paraiba tourmaline were used quite extensively.

Business/Day Wear, Jennifer Rabe Morin, Gregore Joailliers – 18k rose gold ring with carved turquoise (29.0 ctw.) accented with amethyst cabochons (14.0 ctw.).

This year's AGTA Spectrum Awards will be presented during the 2015 AGTA GemFair Tucson to be held February 3 - 8 (a trade only event) at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Ariz., with the winning entries will be displayed during the show.

Men's Wear, Dawn Muscio – 18k red gold and stainless steel "Pink2" cufflinks featuring pillow cut Morganites (8.74 ctw.) accented with Rubies (.87 ctw.) and Diamonds (.60 ctw.).

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