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Monday, February 9, 2015

Christopher Ross Artistic, Crafted Horse Head Belts

Personal adornment has always been incredibly diverse and this approach continues today. In other words jewelry over the years has often extended its boundaries and redefined traditional embellishment and cultural limits. 

Christopher Ross is well-known for his sculptural works that are in permanent collections in several museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; the Chisholm Gallery in Wellington, Fla.;Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Conn.; The Newark Museum of Art; and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. 

Ross is equally well-known for his luxurious belts, which the company refers to as “wearable fine art.” These are sculptural belt buckles crafted out of gold or silver that depicts wild animals often in active positions. From sea creatures to animals that roam in forests to birds in flight, the subjects are rendered in great detail. His belts have been worn by a diverse group of international figures, including Heidi Klum, former First Lady Barbara Bush and Sir John Mills.

One of the company's latest creations is the horse head belt, which depicts the animal with its mouth agape and eyes wide open as if in full stride. Like all of Ross’s works, the animal appears lifelike from its thick, fiery mane to its well-groomed coat. The freedom of the natural environment is a big inspiration for the artist and the animal appears to be riding alone. The horse head is available in 24k gold or sterling silver and is designed to be worn on a belt of walnut brown calfskin for men or a blue snakeskin for women.

These items are said to be designed as heirlooms. Each piece is numbered, stamped with the artist’s signature, thumb print, date and copyright. There are a number of people who already collect these belts, which have been made since at the 1980's. The brand itself is being repositioned, re-launched and re-branded. So there will be a number of new belts for collectors to wear and save.

Prices start from $985 and are available at Chisholm Gallery, Wellington, Fla.

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