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Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Jewelry Designers at Couture and JCK Luxury

A petrified wood bracelet by designer Susan Oster of Feral Jewelry. Photo by Gretchen Friedrich

By Gretchen Friedrich, JNN Social Media Manager

My purpose for JCK and Couture 2017 was to seek out new designers and procure their stories. Breaking into the jewelry industry is challenging, as most established businesses consist of multiple generations and family members. New artisans often don’t have the family support and vendor relationships to aid in their success. They also tend to have a great deal of passion for their craft. 

The two women featured in this post are both newcomers to the jewelry industry, but they also have a common thread, their design background. Marcia Budet and Susan Oster entered the world of jewelry through a creative transfer of sorts. Budet has a formal education in architecture and Oster was in interior design for 16 years prior to her shift to jewelry design. 

A pair of earrings by Marcia Budet. Photo by Gretchen Friedrich

Marcia Budet: Elegantly Bold

Marcia Budet is a former JCK Rising Star award winner, and this year she debuted at Couture. Her “Elegantly Bold” style is evolving, with more challenging stone shapes and designs that reflect her architectural training. 

In my interview with her, she explains the features of her new pieces, created specifically for Couture. 

Susan Oster: Feral Jewelry

Susan Oster revealed her Feral Jewelry collection in the design section of the JCK Luxury show. This was her first jewelry industry show. Oster said she was a successful interior designer but wanted to explore a different creative pursuit. 

Aptly named, Feral Jewelry uses primal elements and recycled raw materials in each piece, including a 10,000 year-old piece of petrified wood as the centerpiece of a custom bracelet. 

Oster discusses her transition into jewelry in my interview with her at the show.

What’s Next?

Both Budet and Oster answered the “what’s next?” question with a laugh. But, these designers are never lacking for inspiration, and a passion for the creation process. 

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