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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Hini Star Unveils Three New Diamond Cuts At September Hong Kong Fair

Indian diamond manufacturer, Hini Star, used the opening ceremony of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair to unveil three new diamond cuts that the company says further enhances a diamond’s brilliance and appeal.

The three new cuts are named Stelo, Rozo and Floro. They are the first three diamond cuts that are part of the company’s new collection named “The Optica Series,” which consists of 18 new diamond cuts. The others will be announced gradually at later dates, according to Smit Virani, Hini Star chief operating officer.

Virani says the new diamond cuts feature symmetrical optical patterns that intensify the movement of light in the diamond. “We leveraged advanced digital design and manufacturing technologies to develop a patented process that creates unprecedented brilliance and significantly enhances overall light performance,” he said.

In addition, he said the diamond cuts are designed “to meet modern consumers' demands and how they experience a diamond.” Each one is strongly aligned with symbols – star (Stelo), rose (Rozo) and flower (Floro). He said each cut “reflects the personality, passion and philosophy of a new generation of diamond owners.”

Officials representing Hini Star and Informa Markets, which organizes the September Hong Kong jewelry fair, at the unveiling of The Optima Series of diamond cuts

The diamonds are available in 0.23 carat and up, D to H colors and VS2+ clarity grades.

“We will continue to grow The Optica Series with research-driven designs to reflect self-purchase and social media trends that attract younger buyers,” he said. “Consumers want an experience that goes beyond standard certifications. Each stone in The Optica Series tells a unique story that captures the values of socially conscious and highly individual consumers.”

Millennial and Gen Z consumers now account for two-thirds of diamond jewelry demand in the world and are more educated consumers when it comes to diamonds, he said. “They want something unique, natural and authentic that reflects their values. Consumers want to own and experience the most beautiful diamond they can.”

The industry is also rethinking traditional business models and marketing and sales strategies to better align with its target customers, he said.