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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

E-Marketing and Automated Inventory Software Program for Independent Jewelers

KGK Jewelry LLC, an affiliate of KGK Enterprises (a DTC Sightholder), has launched an automated e-marketing software program designed for independent jewelry retailers. It’s called the KGK E-lectrifed MARKeTING Campaign.

This automated software package makes it possible for jewelers engaged to select their merchandise reflecting the needs of their specific markets and clientele, according to a company statement.

KGK says the software program allows independent jewelry retailers strategic marketing tools needed to compete with national jewelry brands. Every piece of the collection created for each retailer is delivered with an identified and patented consumer protection card—underwritten by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

The e-marketing campaign is a joint venture between KGK Jewelry and ESDN-Live, which provides e-commerce solutions for the jewelry industry.

The e-marketing campaign helps jewelers secure the customers’ e-mail addresses, and how allows them to produce effective e-marketing campaigns to those customers.

More information contact KGK Jewelry LLC 1-866-KGK(545)-8080

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