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Friday, September 10, 2010

$1M Rough Diamond Necklace Dazzles at Toronto Film Festival

Allie MacDonald, star of SCORE: A Hockey Musical, walked the red carpet Thursday night wearing a $1 million rough Ontario diamond necklace during opening night at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The 75-ct. rough diamond necklace, contained 27 uncut, unpolished Ontario diamonds valued at $1 million. It was created by Toronto-based jewelry designer Reena Ahluwalia. Its inspiration was the historic Mace of Ontario (Ontario Legislature), also designed by Ahluwalia.

“I wanted to design a statement necklace with an understated natural elegance. Rough diamonds were the perfect choice—understated, pure and just the way nature intended them to be,” Ahluwalia said. “The spiraling form secures the rough diamond gently and is intended to portray social responsibility, signifying the diamond mine and the natural riches of Ontario. The raw brilliance of these rough diamonds is unmatchable. They are organic, inherently one-of-a-kind and make a strong statement about one’s identity, desire to return to nature and of course, diamonds conflict-free origin.”

The event itself was the result of a partnership among luxury jewelry retailer, Birks, diamond company Crossworks Manufacturing and De Beers Canada to promote Ontario diamonds.

Crossworks produced the rough diamonds used for the necklace. It has an exclusive agreement to polish an allocation from the Victor Mine in Ontario and is the only company in the world to provide diamonds that are mined, cut and polished in Ontario. In April 2010, Birks unveiled the first 131 diamonds certified by the Government of Ontario and has been offering a selection of Canadian diamonds in Birks stores ever since. Following the celebrations at the Toronto International Film Festival, the necklace worn by MacDonald will be available for purchase at the Birks store on Bloor Street in Toronto.

Below is a video of MacDonald wearing and talking about the necklace:


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