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Friday, June 17, 2011

Brumani Boasts Brazilian Artistry and European Roots

Earrings from Brumani's Baobab collection in 18K yellow gold with brown diamonds, aquamarine, ruby and pink tourmaline.
It’s all the things you would expect from Brazilian jewelry: lots of gemstones, bright colors and an optimism that comes from being one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, what separates Brumani from its peers is the sheer intensity of the joy, vibrancy and emotion that its jewelry projects.

Another thing that distinguishes the São Paulo-based company is its European roots. The C.R. BRÜNER Group, which started the Brumani brand in 2005, is owned and operated by Eduardo and Emerson Brüner. The brothers are the great-grandsons of Italian and German immigrants who founded the company and brings with them the techniques that give its jewelry integrity.

Then you have to account for the sheer volume that this company of 100 employees produces. At the recently concluded Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas, Brumani showcased no fewer than six full collections.

Even though the company is fairly young, it has more than 300 points of sale in the U.S. and is the choice of many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez.

Balalaika Collection
The Balalaika is a traditional stringed instrument used extensively in Russian folklore and music. In this collection, Brumani uses angular, asymmetric shapes of the Balalaika to give form to the topazes, citrines and smoky quartz. Pictured: Rings in 18K yellow and white gold with round diamonds, smokey quartz, morganite topaz and citrine.

Baobab Collection
This collection (also pictured above) of cabochon cuts of aquamarine and ruby, rose tourmaline, brown diamonds and yellow gold takes its inspiration from the exotic Baobab tree, transplanted to the Brazilian landscape from Africa. The tree can reach 80 feet in height with a trunk diameter that grow up to 23 feet. The trees are known for their enormous capacity to store water. Pictured: Rings in 18K white and pink gold with round diamondsand white moonstone from Baobob Casual collection.

Flamboyant Collection
This collection takes its cue from a popular ornamental tree in Brazil that produces brightly colored flowers known as paradise flowers. Yellow, gold and orange moonstone represent the flower's orange-red petals. Pictured: Earrings in 18k yellow gold with round diamonds and orange moonstone.

Heritage Couture Collection
Ring in 18K yellow and white gold with round diamonds, blue sapphire, pink tourmaline, rubelite and peridot.

Nude Collection
This collection is a tribute to ethnic diversity, using “nude” tones from white and beige to rose, brown and black. It uses classical shapes in rose-gold and brown diamonds in combination with rose opals, faceted morganites and cabochon cut from white cachalong. There is also a causal collection that includes aged white gold with diamonds, cabochon cut from black crystal and faceted smoky quartz. Pictured: Earrings in 18K white gold with round diamonds, black crystal and smoky quartz.

Sissi Couture Collection
 Bracelet in 18k white gold with round diamonds and morganite.


  1. Anthony: What a temptation! These are pieces that compel the eyes to their stunning beauty, original design and, what is more important, the joy that their colourful gemstones arise in no matter what kind of person decides to admire them.
    My favourite of all displayed – being such a romantic dreamer – is the Sissy collection bracelet set in 18 kt white gold, white diamonds and morganites: this is just what I consider an absolute delight.
    However, I think any jewelry expert and fan as me, who has strong knowledge of the industry and a crash on design, joy and simplicity would definitely go for the Baobab´s colourful gemstones earrings displayed on top and the magnificent yet simple Nude collection earrings, probably – at least in my case - in a nude rose tone.
    Lovely report!

  2. Mónica, again I must bow before you and just admire your wonderful prose. Best Regards,

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