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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lorenz Bäumer Designs Tiara for Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene wearing the “Diamond Foam” tiara.  Photo credit: Daylife

Inspired by the sea and worn like a hairpiece, the tiara that adorned Princess Charlene of Monaco is a delicate piece of diamond and white-gold jewelry that showcases her individual style.

Known as the “Diamond Foam” tiara, it is designed by French-German jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, who is based in Paris. Bäumer has reportedly said the tiara represents the spray of the ocean. The sea is a fitting symbol for the South African native who represented her country as an Olympic swimmer.

Thin strands of curved white gold lined with what appears to be baguette-cut diamonds make up much of the jewelry piece. The tip of each gold strand is dotted with a pear-shaped diamond. Unlike a traditional tiara, which is worn like a crown, Bäumer’s tiara fits around the head of the princess like a headpiece with the pear-shaped diamonds slightly raised and sparkling above her head and within her blonde hair.

Princess Charlene wore the tiara during a gala dinner that was the final event in the two-day celebration of the royal wedding.

Below is a video of Bäumer explaining the process of creating the tiara. It’s in French without English subtitles, but the sentiment is universal.

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