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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection Interprets Italian Gardens

The “Blue Iridescence” necklace is made of eight rare blue sapphires (187.48 total carats), acquired by Bulgari in various parts of the world and kept by the luxury jeweler for years.

Lots of color and sparkle combined with detailed geometric shapes, romantic themes and blooming flowers are among the hallmarks of Bulgari’s new high jewelry collection. 

The Italian luxury house took to interpreting the structured serenity of Italian gardens of the Renaissance period with its Italian Gardens collection of 100 one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Bulgari has a long history of interpreting the dialogue between art and nature in its jewels. But usually the theme is based on nature in its wildest form, most notably displayed in its iconic serpenti design. This is a bit different but the trademark Bulgari craftsmanship, design and use of colorful gems remain the same. 

For example, the “Hidden Treasures” earrings (pictured above), inspired by the geometric designs of sculpted evergreens, consist of two fancy cut Zambian emeralds for each jewel. The four stones together weigh 143.1 carats. They were extracted from a single 400-carat rough stone. The company says the cut enhances the brightness of the gems. Each stone is gently embraced with platinum claws set with 8.40 carats of diamonds. Between each pair of emeralds is a brilliant cut diamond. 

Rare blue sapphires, acquired by Bulgari in various parts of the world and kept by the luxury jeweler for years, make up the “Blue Iridescence” necklace (top photo). The eight sapphires, which total 187.48 carats, maintain their shimmering blue hue even in the dark, according to the jewelry house. Seven of the sapphires are offset with seven pink spinels totaling 81.13 carats. The eighth sapphire is used for the clasp. Completing the necklace is a tight, geometric pattern made of 18k gold and paved with diamonds. 

Diamonds also play an important role in this collection. “Spring Encounter” (pictured above), inspired by the “Allegory of Spring” by Sandro Botticelli, describes the eternal rebirth of nature. Bulgari says it also refers to its past, recalling a necklace from 1969 in yellow gold with pearls, coral and diamonds. While romantic and beautiful, this necklace also showcases the skill of Bulgari’s craftsmen. Brilliant-cut diamonds are placed in the centre of 16 flowers. Each flower vibrates as the necklace moves. The delicate 18k gold petals of each flower are paved with diamonds. 

One of the most colorful pieces in the collection is the “Secret Garden” necklace (pictured above), designed to replicate the intimate, hidden areas in Italian Renaissance gardens. The luxury jeweler said the necklace is crafted to give volume and movement to the gems, again, showcasing Bulgari’s craftsmanship and originality. Rubellite, tanzanite, citrine, amethyst and aquamarine receive a special fancy cut to appear like petals. They are set in delicate claws and combined so each flower is made up of four multi-colored petals. The flowers and other gems hang from a rounded, serpenti-like neck chain made of 18k yellow gold. 

Bulgari’s “Water Symphony” necklace (pictured above) uses sapphires, white gold and diamonds. The necklace, which converts into a bracelet, features two cushion-shaped blue sapphires. One is 45.57 carats offset by a 3.65-carat sapphire. The large sapphire is mounted in ribbon-shaped 18k white gold set with baguette diamonds. The large gem also is framed with pear-shaped diamonds. The same theme is repeated in the chain with the addition of round brilliant diamonds. 

Two “Sparkling Hearts” necklaces (pictured above with emeralds) are paved in diamonds set in white gold. These necklaces, which convert into brooches, also are among the pieces that most reflect the geometric designs of flowerbeds and hedges in Renaissance era Italian gardens. For the central pendant, hearts of brilliant white diamonds are formed within curved geometric lines. Meanwhile, interpretations of blooming flowers and drops of water are recreated with pavé diamond and brilliant cut diamonds are on white gold chains that dangle from the central pendant. The theme is repeated on the neck chain. Versions of this necklace are sprinkled with either emeralds or rubies.

The collection also includes four high jewelry watches called “Geometry of Time.” Mother-of-pearl and coral are blended with a variety of gems, including sapphires and emeralds, amethysts and rubellites, again forming colorful geometric patterns.

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