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Monday, July 11, 2016

Arya Esha's Cosmos-Inspired Galaxy Collection

Galaxy Collection Orbit Pendant with purple amethyst and diamonds set in recycled gold

By Gretchen Friedrich, Jewelry News Network Social Media Manager

Priyanka Murthy, founder and chief designer for Arya Esha, connects the distance between earth and the cosmos with her Galaxy jewelry collection, the latest in Arya Esha's award-winning portfolio. A sampling of Galaxy lined the display cases in JCK's 2016 Elite Enclave.

The otherworldly ensemble is fashion forward and eco-friendly. Recycled gold houses conflict free diamonds and gemstones in all of Arya Esha's components and finished products.

This Galaxy Collection Orbit pendant featuring purple Amethyst and diamonds set in recycled gold is just one of the Universe-inspired pieces in a lineup that defies convention.

Galaxy Collection Indus Earrings with prasiolite and diamonds set in recycled 18k gold

Murthy's Space Odyssey
Design captain Murthy's previous life involved legal dossiers and Fulbright Scholarships in her career as a human rights attorney. But jewelry was literally in her blood. “My family is in the jewelry industry (her father owned a bridal jewelry company) and I needed a creative outlet.”

The creative outlet proved to be a well-calculated pursuit in the form of Arya Esha, the award-winning luxury jewelry enterprise. Industry accolades include JCK Rising Star, 2015, JCK Editor's Choice Top 3 Designers of 2015, and 2015 Spectrum Award-- Evening Wear, AGTA.

Her formal law training did instill a logical progression from concept to functioning product. Component details like stone dimensions and proportions are always factors in the prototype phase of production. "It (the design) has to work and be beautiful," Murthy says, when asked about advancing ideas from paper to the client.

Galaxy Collection Cetra Ring with blue topaz and diamonds set in recycled 18k gold

Celestial Sightings
Arya Esha, which translates from Sanskrit to "Goddess of Truth," is attracting attention from headlining Hollywood stars as well, including Kerry Washington, Claire Danes and Julia Roberts.

Recalling the day Arya Esha's Galaxy Carina earrings landed in the hands of Julia Roberts' stylist, Murthy reveals, "I couldn't believe it, after all the rejections from stylists, here I was sending earrings to Julia Roberts." This placement has sentimental value, as Murthy threw a Pretty Woman marathon party in her early days at Northwestern University.

Noting Murthy's transition from legalese to astral-themed accessories, the question of inspiration rose. The Galaxy collection represents reaching for the stars to accomplish your goals. There are no limits to creativity and accomplishment, a mantra that keeps Murthy in that expanse between vision and production.

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