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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Colorful New World of Damiani

The Damiani Group has been extremely busy lately. The Italian luxury jeweler has introduced a number of lines that marks a new direction for the venerable company. Primarily it has brought color to the party. 

Wendell Figueroa Ruiz, Damiani director of communications, showed me a number of designs Thursday that use color diamonds, color gemstones, and gold (including various shades of pink, rose, brown and champaign). When white diamonds are used, they are often offset by oxidized gold. The black background intensifies the sparkle of the diamonds.

An example of this trend is the company’s Metropolitan Dream collection (pictured), which uses yellow, pink, black and brown gold. The rounded edges of the gold rings, earrings, bangles and pendants are shaped into miniature squares. The inspiration for this line comes from the skylines of major cities at various stages of the day.

Another design innovation is the introduction of hoop earrings that fit sideways.

Ruiz said societal pressures and economic conditions spurred customer demand for more color. “People feel less guilty about buying a piece with color.” 

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