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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pamela Froman Launches Two Collections during Jewelry Week

Fine jewelry designer Pamela Froman launched two collections in Las Vegas that will be available in stores in the fall. The award-winning artist specializes in hand-crafted works in 18k and 22k gold and platinum with diamonds and gemstones.

The first collection is called “Arabesque Crush,” in which the Los Angeles-based designer uses one of her favorite elements: the undulating “S”-shaped scroll. In these new designs, Forman forms 18k pink and yellow gold into different shapes and sizes of scrolls. “I find the curves of a scroll to be very feminine,” Froman says. In some pieces she uses Ethiopian opals that flash with pinks, reds, and oranges complementing the colors of her gold.

Pictured is the Arabesque Crush Ball made with sections of 18k yellow and pink gold shaped into undulating s-scrolls that alternate with sections of diamond-studded crushed gold. The ball fades from yellow to pink in Pamela’s signature. The globe hangs from an 18k yellow “scroll crush” chain.

The next collection features a variety of colored gemstones along with gold and platinum in which she calls, “Color Crush.”

The collection includes three distinct earring cap styles—each piece begins with the gemstone and, depending on it size, shape and color, Pamela decides which cap style, color of gold, and amount of diamonds would best complement the specific stone. 

Pictured is the “Royal Cap” earrings set made of 18k yellow gold with carnelian briolettes.