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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silver-Palladium Bangels from Fope

The cost of precious metals hasn’t reached their much-anticipated bubble but rather than wait for prices to come down, Italian jewelry company, Fope, has done something about it.

The company created a process that combines silver with palladium to create a combined metal that it calls Silverfope. It is used for Fope’s new line of bangles called, Twin, which were unveiled at the Centurion 2011 luxury jewelry trade show in Tucson. The company says the actual composition of this new metal is a secret but it guarantees that each piece is white in color and naturally bright, without chemical treatments. In addition, the metal doesn’t tarnish.

The bangles themselves are done in a classic mesh style and are available in several options—including open, cross-over and double cross-over—each offering a different mesh. It can also be mixed with yellow or rose gold for a little color or embellished with diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones.