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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inside the Colorful and Seductive Solange Bond Street Store

A large round center carpet is marked by candy-colored circular stripes, which complement the bright and plush red walls that contain framed jewelry displays. Antique furnishings, white ceiling with an elaborately designed mirror ball, and mix and match display cases—including the star-shaped center case—round out the bright, funky vibe on the first floor. Photo credit: Solange Azagury-Partridge

LONDON — I haven’t been to all of the retailers on Bond Street but I am confident that there is no other store in this world-renowned luxury shopping district quite like Solange Azagury-Partridge.

From the large images of lips that appear on the storefront to the plush fabrics, the cavern-like private area, the star-shaped display cases, and the constant rhythm of club music, the space has more of a nightclub than it does a jewelry store. There’s even an elaborately designed mirror ball on the first-floor ceiling. Yet it’s the perfect environment for the colorful, creative, seductive and fun jewelry by Solange Azagury-Partridge. 

Plush red walls and frames display a series of jewelry like pieces of art. Items pictured include Crinoline Earrings in 18k yellow gold chain earrings with a hidden rough diamond (top center) and gold tassel earrings (left), along with an assortment of rings. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco

The jewelry designer, best known for her “Hot Lips” enamel and silver rings in the shape of a kiss mark, designed the store herself. Opened in 2010, the flagship is one of five SAP stores located around the world. Black and red are the dominate colors. Jewelry is set inside thick, plush walls and lined in either picture rectangular or square frames, like pictures, or in portal-shaped windows. Most of the display cases are shaped like stars. 

Different version of Solange's "Hot Lips," her best-known ring design. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco

The room at the entrance is well lit by a large storefront window and is airy due to a white decorative high ceiling, the one that has the mirror ball. A large round center carpet is marked by candy-colored circular stripes, which complement the bright red walls, updated versions of antique furnishings and the mix and match display cases—includes those in the shape of stars.

The display of colorful enamel rings include the green Supernatural Ring and the red Cancer Ring. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco

As you descend down a carpeted stairway bathed in orange, yellow, green and blue light, respectively, you enter a darkened room of red drapes, black circular-pattern carpet, and more mixture antique and modern furniture. It’s like the VIP section of a dance club. There’s even more private cavern-like spaces covered in black with ceilings that emit dots of light like stars. Inside these rooms in the center is a single, well-lit, star-shaped display case that appears to be floating in space.

A stairway bathed in different colors of light leads clients to the lower level of the store. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco

You leave the darkened space, reenter the sunlit first-floor room and exit back into the normal hustle and bustle of the luxury shopping street feeling just a little bit different.

Darken room with red drapes, black carpet, single pieces of jewelry displayed on walls, minimal furnishings, and a ceiling that sparkles provides the experience similar to a nightclub. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco
Inside the portal display on the darkened, more private lower level of the store is the Old Fashioned Ruby Necklace comprising marquise cut Ruby set with 'V' claws in an irregular wreath style with a large pear shaped Ruby suspended below. With the necklace are two versions of the signet styled ring composed of a channel set row of ruby baguettes, an oblong strip of onyx and two rows of pave set round brilliant cut diamonds. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco

The lower level of the Solange Azagury-Partridge Bond Street store has cavernous private rooms such as this one with a single star-shaped display case surrounded by dots of light that appears to be floating in space. Photo credit: Anthony DeMarco