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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lilian Raji Agency to Launch Prestige Promenade Social Media Program

The entrance to the Prestige Promenade pavilion at the 2012 JCK Las Vegas Show.

Prestige Promenade, a collective of high-end jewelry designers and manufacturers, has retained strategic marketing and public relations group, The Lilian Raji Agency, to manage its social media program.

The new program "will give a voice to Prestige Promenade across multiple social media platforms, providing jewelry industry commentary and regular updates on member activities," said Lilian Raji, president of The Lilian Raji Agency. Its aim is to “develop customer brand preference for Prestige Promenade members and retail partners.”

Calling it the “Prestige Social Media Program,” it will serve as a continuation of programs that already serve its retail partners, including its “Prestige Promenade Online Marketplace,” which allows jewelers to augment their websites with updates and exclusive selections from Prestige Promenade members.

“The Prestige Social Media Program will now allow these same customers to engage a more meaningful relationship with their favorite retailer and Prestige Promenade jeweler as they follow and join the conversation,” Raj said.

The jewelry designers and manufacturers that make up the Prestige Promenade exhibit together in the exclusive Prestige Promenade Pavilion at JCK, part of the annual JCK Las Vegas jewelry tradeshow. Beyond the destination, the organization exists to promote its members through cooperative marketing efforts and  retailer partner relationships.

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