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Friday, July 17, 2015

Piaget Launches ‘Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey’ High Jewelry Collection

18k white gold cuff set with a cushion-cut emerald (3.46 cts), 8 marquise-cut emeralds (4.80 cts), 8 marquise-cut blue sapphires ( 7.66 cts), 10 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.08 cts) and feathers

Venice and Samarkand are different and unique in so many ways. But what the two cities do share a connection to one of the world’s most storied trading routes in history: The Silk Road.

Secret ring in 18k white gold set with a cushion-cut blue sapphire (1.43 cts), 71 marquise cut diamonds (4.83 cts), 78 brilliant cut diamonds (approx. 2.67 cts) and enamel. the top slides open to reveal a night blue sky crafted in Grand Feu champlevé enamel

The diverse 4,000 mile network of trade routes on land and sea were crucial not only for the exchange of goods from away places, but for its interaction with a myriad of cultures. The Swiss luxury brand, Piaget, used this dynamic environment as the inspiration for its latest high jewelry collection: “Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey.”

18k pink gold necklace set with a cushion cut emerald (4.18 cts), 84 marquise-cut diamonds (9.30 cts), 208 turquoise beads (16.22 cts) and 430 brilliant-cut diamonds (7.44 cts)

The collection was unveiled a week ago during the haute couture shows in Paris.

18k pink gold bracelet set with 105 marquise-cut diamonds (5.18 cts), five turquoise beads (4.50 cts) and 717 brilliant-cut diamonds (9.36 cts)

The Swiss luxury brand created 94 jewels using a variety of colorful gems combined with diamonds and gold to recreate this cultural mix. However, the most attention is paid to perhaps two of the most legendary cities along the 4,000 mile trade route: Venice and Samarkand.

18k pink gold ring set with a round-cut red spinel (6.31 cts), 12 round-cut red spinels ( 0.44 ct), eight pear-shaped red spinels (0.80 ct), 16 pear-shaped diamonds (3.20 cts), 14 princess-cut diamonds (0.88 ct), six marquise-cut diamonds (0.60 ct) and 150 brilliant cut diamonds (0.80 ct)

Piaget says the two cities were chosen for their cultural wealth, architecture and creativity. “Each place provides a remarkable field of expression from which the exceptional artisans in the workshops of the Piaget manufacture have been inspired,” the company said in a statement.

18k white gold necklace set with a pear shaped ruby (4.41 cts), 45 pear-shaped rubies (48.90 cts), a princess-cut diamond (1.77 cts) and 158 brilliant cut diamonds

Samarkand, on the plain of Zarafshan in Uzbekistan, whose Persian name means “supplier of gold,” is an ancient desert city. Piaget’s jewelry reflects the colors of the city’s public square (the Registan) and the desert.

18k white gold earrings set with four pear shaped rubies (4.23 cts), two princess-cut diamonds (1.41 cts) and 38 brilliant cut diamonds (4.42 cts)

For example, a long necklace with cascading turquoise beads is contrasted by emerald-heart flowers and a scattering of diamonds throughout. A four-leaf flower-ring is centered with a Colombian emerald. An arabesque-style bracelet made of sculpted yellow gold that takes the appearance of fabric is punctuated by turquoise beads. Prong-set marquise-cut stones, taking the appearance of lacework, light up an airy necklace. Ear pendants with cascading diamond motifs punctuated by sapphires reflect light as it moves.

18K white gold earrings set with 40 marquise-cut blue sapphires (4.50 cts), 16 marquise-cut blue diamonds (8.78 cts) and 154 brilliant-cut diamonds (5.59 cts)

Meanwhile, the Venice portion of the collection is inspired by the light, water, architecture, art and mystery of the famed Italian city.

18k pink gold cuff set with a cushion-cut ruby (5.01 cts), eight marquise-cut rubies (3.38 cts), six marquise-cut pink spinels (7.20 cts), eight marquise-cut mandarin garnets ( 4.08 cts), 10 marquise-cut yellow beryls (4.66 cts) and 20 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.37 cts)

For example, a signature white gold cuff bracelet is adorned with a “bird-flower” that mimics the famous Venetian masks worn at balls. The central design includes a flurry of turquoise feathers in a marquetry pattern created by award-winning feather artist Nelly Saunier. An emerald serves as the heart of the design amid a constellation of sapphires and diamonds.

18K white gold emerald necklace set with a cushion-cut emerald (11.16 cts), 12 marquise-cut diamonds (4.20 cts), 32 turquoise beads (11.10 cts) and 151 brilliant-cut diamonds (9.86 cts)

A “secret” ring echoes Venetian celebrations. The sliding diamond and gold cover reveals a night blue sky crafted in Grand Feu champlevé enamel. The Palazzo ring uses interlacing red spinel and diamond motifs to evoke the flashing camera bulbs on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, or the royal box at the Teatro La Fenice. Long earrings with geometrically arranged rubies are inspired by Byzantine windows of the palazzos lining the Grand Canal. An embroidered pink gold cuff bracelet is topped with marquise-cut diamonds are reminiscent of the stone bars on the windows of the Bridge of Sighs.

18k white gold ring set with a cushion-cut emerald (7.29 cts), 12 marquise-cut diamonds (1.20 cts), four turquoise beads (approx. 0.50 ct) and 130 brilliant-cut diamonds (3.12 cts)

Along with the jewelry, the collection includes 38 new timepieces.

18k white gold earrings set with two pear shaped rubies (4.13 cts), two fancy-cut ruby roots (12.88 cts), two princess-cut diamond (1.41 cts) and 120 brilliant cut diamonds (2.93 cts)

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18k pink gold bracelet set with 88 marquise-cut diamonds (20.24 cts) and 776 brilliant-cut diamonds (10 cts)

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