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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hancocks Creates 'World’s Largest Cushion Cut Diamond Crossover Ring'

London jewelers, Hancocks, says it has created the “world’s largest cushion cut diamond crossover ring.” It displayed the jewel Tuesday at its store in the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair where it will be sold. The asking price for the 41.78-carat ring is 1.6 million British pounds (more than $2.2 million). 

The ring consists of two diamonds, each weighing more than 20 carats. The edge of one diamond just barely passes over the edge of the other. Both diamonds are cut from the same rough, so their characteristics are identical. According to the family jeweler there are “no pair of stones of this cut that are even close to being this good a match of this size on the market today.”

“The diamonds are extremely rare given they are a perfect match, having been cut from the same piece of rough diamond, and are truly exceptional,” said Stephen Burton, Managing Director of Hancocks. “I have never seen a pair that are as large and well matched as these, having originated from the same rough diamond source which is incredibly rare.” 

The ring, which also has a diamond-paved shank, was designed by Hancocks resident jewelry designer, Amy Burton, as part of her Unum collection. It took over a year of working with Hoancocks’ craftsmen to create the ring. 

The 34-year-old designer will also launch a contemporary fine jewelry range under the “ALB” label exclusive to Hancocks. 

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