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Thursday, July 14, 2016

World Diamond Council Elects Stephane Fischler As Vice President

The World Diamond Council Board of Directors elected Stephane Fischler as vice president of the organization Wednesday. As a founding member of the WDC, Fischler has been actively involved in the WDC since its inception.

According to WDC bylaws, Fischler will be the next president of the WDC at the end of his two-year term in 2018.

The WDC represents the entire international diamond industry supply chain, from mining through retail. The group represents the diamond industry in the development and implementation of systems developed by the Kimberley Process, a government and industry certification plan designed to eradicate and prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond trade.

“The WDC’s role in representing the industry at the Kimberley Process forum is critically important to the success and integrity of the KP,” Fischler said. “I look forward to contributing to this valuable work.”

A partner in the company Fischler Diamonds, Fischler currently serves as the president of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, vice president of the International Diamond Council and Diamond Development Initiative, and treasurer of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association. He is also a current member of the Board of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

“Stephane Fischler’s extensive knowledge and experience, not only in the industry, but specifically with the KP, is invaluable to the WDC,” said Andrey Polyakov, WDC president.

In addition, Ronnie VanderLinden was re-elected treasurer of the WDC for a second term, and Udi Sheintal will continue in the position of corporate secretary.  

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