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Friday, September 2, 2016

A Modern Take On Traditional Pearl Jewels

Bijules’ ultra modern approach to designing around white pearls makes cutting edge jewels look delicate and graceful, such as an 18k gold ambidextrous ear cuff with two pearls

Jewelry designers have been producing elegant, modern and even edgy jewels using the abundance and variety of pearls being produced today. The 10 pearls jewels listed in this feature reflect this trend. 

London high jeweler, Fei Liu, created a Tahitian pearl ring with a sprinkling of green garnet. 

Italian jewelry brand, Antonini, took a delicate yet edgy approach with a simple white pearl pendant, encasing the gem in black gold paved with diamonds and attaching it to a rough-textured black gold chain. 

Margery Hirschey earrings feature freshwater pearl drops that hang below simple emeralds all set in 22k yellow gold. 

The Great Pearl ring by Alex Soldier is centered with a Tahitian pearl set in encrusted platinum and further enhanced with diamonds and aquamarines. 

A bejeweled gecko clutches a simple white pearl by Zorab Creation. The gecko is made of 18k rose gold set with pink sapphire rose quartz white calcedhony and white diamond.

A string of pastel colored pearls by Etienne Perret.

An elegant bracelet by Yoko London in Tahitian Pearl is complemented with rose gold and diamonds.

Earrings by Tara Pearls use a graceful gold curve balanced by a pearl in the centre. The design presents a different look when turned to its side. It is a simple, classic look with a modern twist.

Italian jewelry brand Qayten, which specializes in Akoya pearls, added Tahitian varieties to its contemporary design jewels. The “Tahiti Bliss” necklace uses white gold and diamonds to accentuate the dark shades of the Tahitian pearls. 

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