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Monday, September 12, 2016

Contest: Select New Name For Jewelry News Network And Win ‘Treasures in Gold’

We are renaming Jewelry News Network and we want you to have the chance to create the new name. 

If your submission is used you will receive the book, “Treasures in Gold: Masterpieces of Jewelry from Antiquity to Modern Times,” edited by Gianni Guadalupi. It is at least a $30 value.

This book spotlights the art of the goldsmith through history starting with the opulent gilded tombs and grave goods of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Organized chronologically, the book goes on to trace precious works from subsequent epochs, unveiling the masterpieces that epitomize the craftsmanship of each, as well as presenting a fascinating documentation of the beliefs, values, and societal structure of each civilization. Concluding with a chapter on Cartier, the master jeweler. 

Jewelry News Network is a blog and social media destination dedicated to covering the art, design and craftsmanship of jewelry and watches and the business behind the beauty. It provides a look behind-the-scenes of the international watch and jewelry industry and shares many of its secrets. 

When submitting the new name for our website be sure to take this into account. Send your submission to We look forward to seeing your entries. 

Good Luck, 

Anthony DeMarco
Jewelry News Network Founder