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Monday, August 9, 2010

Gold and Diamond Stilettos Available for $160,000

Shoes that dazzle, sparkle and come with a price tag that would make most people lose their footing are now available for the very few who can afford to buy them and dare to wear them.

At 100,000 pounds sterling ($160,000), the hand-made Eternal Diamond Stilettos are considered to be the most expensive shoes in the world, according to media reports. Each pair takes 100 hours to be crafted by a team of goldsmiths from solid sheets of gold, before 2,200 diamonds are hand soldered onto the shoe. Five pairs of the sparkling stilettos have reportedly been sold.

Designer Christopher Michael Shellis created the bespoke luxury shoes in his Birmingham, England, workshop. He sells them through The House of Borgezie. Shellis said three high-profile celebrities are interested but would not name names, according to media reports. Among those rumored to have the stilettos on their shopping list are Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and British singer Cheryl Cole.

Shellis backs the craftsmanship with a 1,000-year guarantee. However, he hasn’t said how the owners or their heirs will collect.

Image from The House of Borgezie Web site.

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