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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

McQueen Stops Selling Hells Angels-Themed Merchandise

Alexander McQueen will stop selling its Hells Angels brass and silver knuckle duster rings.

It only took eight days for the folks at the Alexander McQueen brand and a couple of retailers to bend to the fierce pressure applied by the Hells Angels.

The notorious motorcycle gang has settled its trademark infringement lawsuit Tuesday against Alexander McQueen, Saks Fifth Avenue and over the sale of Alexander McQueen merchandise bearing the winged skull logo and the Hells Angels’ trademarked name, Women’s Wear Daily reports.

Under the terms of the agreement the three companies have removed the Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster rings, clutches, jacquard dress and pashmina, retailing for between $495 and $2,329, from their Web sites and stores, Hells Angeles attorney Fritz Clapp told WWD. The companies also agreed on Tuesday to recall merchandise that has already been sold and destroy it.

The Hells Angels also requested financial damages based on profits earned by the fashion companies on the merchandise, Clapp reportedly said. However, there is currently no estimate on the exact number of items that were sold.

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