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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hells Angels Sue Alexander McQueen Over Skull and Wing Design

Alexander McQueen's ring that's under dispute by the Hells Angels.
There was a time when the Hells Angels would beat the piss out of anyone who they believed was stealing from them. Now they go to court.

The notorious motorcycle gang has filed a trademark infringement suit against the design brand Alexander McQueen and retailers who are selling the designers’ disputed products, according to media reports.

At issue is the skull design used for McQueen's Hell’s Knuckle brass and silver knuckle duster rings, Professional Jeweller reports. In addition, the suit is targeting a clutch bag, scarf and dress by the designer that feature a similar design.

The Hells Angels are claiming that Alexander McQueen used its patented skull and wing motif without permission. It is also suing Saks and online retailer that sell the items.

The motorcycle group registered patents for its motif in 1984 and has since authorized its use on clothing and jewelry for promotional purposes, according to Professional Jeweller. The suit claims Alexander McQueen did not receive permission.

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