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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Etienne Perret and His Ceramic Jewelry

Jewelry designer Etienne Perret has been enamored with ceramic for about 20 years. But creating fine jewelry out of the extremely hard material has been difficult nut to crack. The solution was to use diamond cutting tools.

The Camden, Maine-based artist introduced his new line of rings and bracelets made from gem ceramic, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, held November 11-14 in Philadelphia.

The ceramic jewelry can be created in several colors—although white, black and pink seemed to be dominant colors at the show. The ceramic is paired with more traditional jewelry materials, such as precious metals, diamonds and pearls. And he can create custom pieces. With the high-cost of gold, Perret said his ability to work with the material may have come at opportune time.

“I had no idea when I started this that gold was going to end up at $1,400 an ounce, so the timing seems right because you can make a ring or bracelet with some volume and still keep the price affordable,” he said.

Photographs of his ceramic pieces can be found here.

Below is a video of Perret at the craft show explaining his work with ceramic and showing pieces from his collection.


  1. I'm thrilled to see you feature Etienne Perret's Gem Ceramic collection. Your website is a great resource for jewelry lovers.

    Etienne specializes in colored diamond jewelry in 18kt gold, platinum & hi-tech Gem Ceramic. He's currently developing an exciting new line of Ceramic jewelry that's on the cutting edge of luxury fashion. You can learn more about Etienne Perret and his precious metal designs at, or the Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry page on Facebook!

    Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection has recently been covered by luxury websites such as Robb Report, & worn by Toni Collette, star of United States of Tara, at the 2010 Emmy's.

    Etienne often uses natural color & white diamonds in his designs, especially in the yellow, pink and brown ranges in his designs. However, he has found his niche creating the highest quality bridal jewelry using color enhanced natural diamonds. The use of color enhanced natural diamonds opens many doors, allowing Etienne to create beautiful custom designed rings, with easily sourced and exactly matching color diamonds in nearly any color of the rainbow at much more affordable prices.

    The specific kind of ceramic that Etienne is designing with is made out of is called zirconia ceramic, mined in an ecologically friendly manner from the abundant zircon sands of Australia. It is an amazing material and a perfect, stylish, low cost alternative to traditional gold & platinum bridal jewelry designs & great for both men & women!

    It was developed for use in high-tech industries such as aerospace & now is commonly used in dental & joint implants as well as those nifty ceramic kitchen knives that are common now, not to mention the great watches that Rado has been putting out for two decades already! It is nearly as hard as sapphire which makes it very versatile & durable--practically scratch & shatterproof.

    All designs in Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection are available in black, white, pink, blue & chocolate with a choice of polished or matte finish. No other colors are currently available. While we strongly believe some of the designs look best in the traditional black, we will make whichever color the customer asks for.

    Weight is significantly lighter than traditional precious metal designs of equal volume--less than 1/3 the weight of gold. The lightweight feature is really nice and they are super comfortable to wear--most of Etienne's rings are comfort fit.

    These rings can not be re-sized. Etienne is willing to replace Gem Ceramic rings for a new size for little or no charge (other than shipping).

    Gem Ceramic is extremely durable. Even thin kitchen knives made of this material, which are much more fragile than sturdy rings, are basically shatterproof. If you drop a knife on its tip or use it to pry things open it can chip, but dropping one on the floor almost never causes it to shatter.

    Even dropping Gem Ceramic jewelry on a marble floor has proven extremely unlikely to crack it. Of course this is not recommended, especially for designs inlaid with gold or set with colored diamonds! All fine jewelry should be treated with care & respect & Gem Ceramic is certainly no exception!

    Etienne does offer a full guarantee on all his Gem Ceramic designs!

    In regards to how to get your Gem Ceramic ring off in an emergency, there are some fairly simple options. It can be cut off with diamond tools, available at your local dentist. Another great method of removing Gem Ceramic rings involves using a vice grip to simply crack the ring off.

    Additionally, as the popularity of this material has grown–remember that Rado has been very successfully marketing zirconia ceramic watches for over 20 years!–proper training is now being provided to emergency personnel in order to assure that they will know how to remove these rings as efficiently as possible.

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