Asteria Colored Diamonds

Asteria Colored Diamonds


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Company Offers New Views of Man-Made Diamonds is an online store that sells created, or laboratory grown diamonds. It has added video for some of its offerings, which allows consumers more options to view these diamonds before purchasing.

The company recently launched its channel on YouTube, so now it is possible to watch the videos alongside pictures of gems, like this fancy cognac diamond.

The Fort Washington, Pa.-based company said the main advantage is that each gem is videotaped separately in HD quality to make it easier for the viewers to concentrate on a particular diamond gem. In addition, the gemstones are shown from all the angles, so that it is possible to see each facet individually and enjoy amazing color play so peculiar for diamonds.

“It will ease the routine of selecting precious stones, give more confidence to a customer to be sure in making the right choice and help to get true picture of the product,” the company said in a statement. says it offers created diamonds produced by the well known laboratories in variety of colors and guaranteed to be eco-friendly, conflict free and real diamonds which posses the same optical, physical and chemical characteristics as of natural mined diamonds.

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