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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

French Luxury Festival to be Held in Dubai

The Dubai Mall will be scene of the region’s first festival hosted by Comité Colbert. The Colbert Festival will be held from October 29 till November 7 at the world’s largest mall.

Comité Colbert is an association of 75 French luxury brands and 11 associate members who collectively promote their shared values in France and internationally.

The Dubai Mall contains more than 1,000 retail stores (including 70 global haute couture brands) and 160 food and beverage outlets. More than 37 million persons visited the mall during its first year of operation.

The French luxury organization and the mall are partnering to bring this event to Dubai. The Colbert Festival consists of a special path that will run past the stores of Colbert members and through the public areas of The Dubai Mall, according to the organizers. Outstanding objects will be displayed, many of them for the first time in the Middle East. There will also be a program of special events and demonstrations including artisans showing their skills or talks by designers.

The festival will be centered in the mall’s Grand Atrium, Fashion Avenue and Catwalk, which features more than 30 French luxury brands.

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