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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Which Brooch Did the Queen Wear at the London Olympics?

The queen has to look majestic, whether she’s parachuting from a helicopter into London’s Olympic Stadium or serving as the person to officially open the 2012 London Olympics. Friday night Queen Elizabeth did both (sort of) while wearing a magnificent brooch.

The British Royal Monarchy isn’t talking about the queen’s jewelry selection but from an eyeball account and growing consensus, Queen Elizabeth II wore the King William IV Brooch Friday night. It was seen during her scripted film entrance with the world-famous British detective, James Bond (Daniel Craig), and while in the stands participating in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

The large, sparkling piece of jewelry (pictured above) is also known as Queen Adelaide’s Brooch, named after the wife of William IV. Created in 1830 or 1831, it consists of six large brilliant cut diamonds a several smaller stones. The gems came from a diamond-studded Badge of the Order of the Bath that had belonged to his father King George III. Queen Victoria wore this brooch and left it to the Crown in 1901.

The Queen also wore a diamond necklace but I’m not venturing a guess as to what it is.

Of course stunt doubles portraying the 86-year-old monarch and Craig were used to do the actual parachute jump into Olympic Stadium.

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