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Friday, October 28, 2016

China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair – Shanghai kicks off November 18

The China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair – Shanghai for the Eastern China market will be held November 18-21 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. 

Now on its 12th edition, the Shanghai Fair will host more than 300 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions. The latest contemporary jewelry and classic bestsellers will be displayed in over 11,000 square meters of exhibition space. Large groups of exhibitors, such as those from Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Korea and India as brand new exhibitor will showcase their products under their respective pavilions. 

This year’s Shanghai Fair will unveil a host of new features, including the Asia-Pacific Jewellery & Watch Expo. The new exhibition will be held concurrently with the Shanghai Fair. It will offer a range of arts and crafts, timepieces and jewelry products. The new exhibition is a result of UBM Asia’s strategic alliance with the Shanghai NIU International Exhibition Co Ltd making the concept “one site two fairs,” become a reality. The Asia-Pacific Jewellery & Watch Expo is co-organized by the China National Light Industry Council, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization Division of Foreign Economy. 

There are seven brand new pavilions at this exhibition, they are: Beijing Arts and Crafts Association, Guangzhou Light Industry Arts and Crafts Enterprise, Hunan Embroidery Research Institute, Committee of Collection and Research of China Horologe Association, Shanghai Gem and Jade Trading Center Co Ltd, Shanghai Timepiece Trade Association, and the Shanghai Jade Carving Culture Association. 

The pavilions will showcase a range of jewelry and gemstone products, luxury and antique timepieces, and arts and crafts. For instance, there are the “Eight Great Crafts of Yanjing,” representing traditional China’s palace art from Beijing; exquisite and noble antique silverware from the east and west, and, timeless embroidery that reflect the unique craftsmanship of artisans.

Others attractions include:

Sri Lanka Pavilion – Over 40 exhibitors under the Sri Lanka Pavilion showcasing the world renowned Ceylon Sapphire and a vast array of rough and polished gemstones.

Taiwan Pavilion – Around 30 Taiwan exhibitors specializing in Grade A fei cui jewelry and all kinds of high-quality coral and gemstone jewelry.

Korean Pavilion – Korean exhibitors offer a wide range of the latest fashion jewelry with trendy and innovative designs popular among teens.
India Pavilion – The brand new India Pavilion will debut at this edition of the Shanghai Fair. The exhibitors will showcase India’s unique jewelry craftsmanship in gold jewelry manufacturing and diamond cutting and polishing.

Special events – Jewelry design award ceremony, jewelry and craft auction, and educational seminars. 

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