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Monday, March 27, 2017

Faidee’s Latest Masterpiece Is The $35 Million ‘Grand Phoenix’ Ruby Necklace

One could say that the latest Faidee creation is an expression of the esteemed company’s 100-plus year history spanning four generations. 

The family owned firm that specializes exclusively in Burmese rubies unveiled “The Grand Phoenix” during the Baselworld watch and jewelry trade show in Basel, Switzerland. 

Even for a company with the pedigree of Faidee—known for dealing with exceptional rubies (and Kashmir sapphires) and creating equally exceptional and extremely expensive jewels—this is something special. 

The regal necklace made of 24 “super exceptional” unheated Burmese rubies totaling 59.83 carats. The individual rubies range in weight from one to six carats. The “pigeon’s blood” gems are accented with 100.21 carats of colorless, flawless and internally flawless fancy shaped diamonds—the highest color and clarity grades. This ruby and diamond combination in a flower motif is Faidee signature creation.

The necklace is valued at $35 million, said Ravi Lunia, Faidee director.

“The Grand Phoenix is an exceptional masterpiece; a collection of flawless rubies spanning over four generations,” Lunia said. “To find a single exceptional ruby of this caliber is a daunting task but with our passion and burning desire to excel beyond perfection, we’ve managed a miracle that has never been attained in the history of the jewelry industry.” 

The press conference also served to announce that The Phoenix Necklace will be the centerpiece of a jewelry exhibition of Faidee’s creative jewels and private ruby collection. The exhibition will be presented by the Stardust Monte-Carlo, a longtime Monaco-based luxury jeweler. It will be held at the Hotel Hermitage, Salon Belle Epoque, Monte-Carlo, August 1 - August 21.

At the press conference with Lunia was Claudio Siffredi, owner of the Stardust Monte-Carlo. 

The necklace was on display on the neck of Faidee’s Ambassador, Anna Andres, a Ukrainian lawyer, actress and model who holds the title of Miss Ukraine Universe 2014.

For more than 100 years Faidee has been known as the premiere company that deals exclusively in Burmese rubies—known for their intense, vivid red hues (“pigeon’s blood” is the term used to describe this coloration). The family owned firm has history of creating jewels with these gems that are sold privately and through the international auction market easily selling for millions of dollars. Most recently, the “Ratnaraj,” a 10.05-carat ruby set on a diamond ring sold for more than $10.2 million at Christie’s Hong Kong (more than $1 million per carat). 

It’s going to be a long time before Faidee tops this latest achievement. 

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