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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Graff Big Unveil At Baselworld 2017 Is An Artistic Butterfly Watch

Graff Diamonds took a traditional theme and used it to take a newer approach to its jewelry designs. 

The “Princess Butterfly Secret Watch,” unveiled moments ago at Baselworld 2017, is certainly gem-centric, which in line with the luxury brand, but it also shows a more artistic approach to its offerings. 

The motif for Graff’s new women’s watch, the butterfly, is certainly within the brand’s traditional approach to its creations and to bejeweled creations in general. But this creature is highlighted by sensual curves as opposed to bold gemstone statements. 

Diamonds and gemstones that pave the wings of the butterfly and the bracelet use the invisible set technique. First invented in the 1930s, small grooves are cut in the underside of each diamond or gemstone allowing them to slide onto a grid hidden beneath the stones. To achieve a finish of pure color the chosen stones must be color-matched, before being cut to fit tightly against one another as if made exactly for the delicate curvature of the butterfly wings.

I saw this piece a week ago in Graff’s London boutique. While the focus is on the butterfly wings, equally impressive is the curvature of the bracelet itself, which is showing artistic details not always prevalent in Graff’s pieces. 

One can’t forget that beneath the jewels is the “secret” watch. To see the time, the owner pushes on one of the center round diamonds and the wings slide apart to reveal the watch dial. 

Each “Princess Butterfly Secret Watch” case is set in white gold with 66 baguette diamonds. The butterfly wings are available in four different variations: full diamond, ruby, sapphire, and diamonds with sapphire detail.

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