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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boucheron Allows People to Virtually Try On Jewelry at Home

French luxury jeweler Boucheron has created a way for people to virtually try on the company's collection of jewelry and watches from their home computer.

The tool works in real time via the Web, in this case the Boucheron Web site, and in selected stores through augmented reality application. Augmented reality is an engaging way of combining live video with computer-generated data and visualizations.

The application was created by a London-based company called Holition. Savvy Jewelry News Network readers may remember this company through interactive window displays they created for Tissot and De Beers.

With a Webcam and a printer, users can go to the Boucheron Web site, print a page that has a seemingly generic image (“symbol”) of a watch and ring, put them on their wrist and finger and show it onto the Webcam. On the computer screen the paper is transformed into a piece of Boucheron jewelry. It’s as if the person is looking at a mirror and wearing the luxury product. The augmented reality experience allows Boucheron’s customers around the world to virtually try on more than 20 different watches and rings from Boucheron’s collections, including the Chameleon and Quatre rings, set with sapphires, diamonds and other precious gems.

The augmented reality application integrates with social media through a “sharing” capability that allows potential customers to take a picture of them virtually wearing the jewelry and watches and then share it with family and friends via social networking sites.

Below is the demonstration video.

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