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Monday, January 31, 2011

Centurion Names Six Emerging Design Contest Winners

Dusty Angles by Nuttapon (Kenny) Yongkiettakul

The Centurion 2011 jewelry show has named six winners of Centurion’s Emerging Designer Contest during its opening dinner held Saturday. The winners are:

* William Belack, Belack Jewelry Design, United States

* Pamela Harari, Pamela Harari Jewelry Design, Israel

* Amitai Kav, Amitai Kav, Israel

* Valerie Ostenak, VOSTENAKstudios, USA

* JJ Williams, JJ Number 8, USA

* Nuttapon (Kenny) Yongkiettakul, Thailand

“We are very proud to be able to find and introduce these amazing emerging designers to the prestige jewelry industry,” said Centurion President Howard Hauben. “In addition to winning the competition, we offer the top retailers in the country the chance to meet these up‐and‐comers and view their award winning pieces.”

None of the winning designers has ever exhibited in a US Fine Jewelry trade show prior to Centurion 2011. Winning pieces were chosen by a popular vote of prestige retail jewelers in late 2010 based on their combination of uniqueness and salability. 

William Belack
Belack Jewelry Design
United States

Hand‐made jewelry using a conceptual design process, fusing natural stones along with ancient ideas and workmanship in the art of jewelry making. Pieces are created to fill a narrative within our design approach.

Pamela Harari
Pamela Harari Jewelry Design
Israel, +972‐523276319

Harari has been using different techniques, unusual rough materials for 28 years. Brought up in Leeds in the North of England, Pamela studied jewelry design at the Jacob Cramer College of Art, and then went on to do an apprenticeship in Paris before emigrating to Israel. Today, she lives and designs from her home in Kadima a small farming town in Israel. When choosing stones, she prefers the ones with little imperfections for that “little something” that makes them unique, and perfect in themselves. The idea is to use an element from nature or history and through the stone, color and cut, design the jewel. It starts by finding an exceptional stone, developing a design original in content, and then producing the piece ready for setting and finish. Her jewelry collection is created from pieces made with a mélange of materials of high carat gold and rare hand cut gems.

Amitai Kav

Israel, +972‐2‐6794749

Original and personal design in gold, inspired by the region ‐ the Egyption,  the Bedoin and Oriental elements. Born in 1941, Kibbutz Negba, Israel,  Amitai Kav is a self‐taught jeweler. His work is on display now at Mobilia  Gallery, Cambridge, Mass., Jewish Museum, New York City, Skirball Cultural  Center, Los Angeles, Luvaton–Kav Gallery, Jerusalem, and Shuki  Freiman Gallery, Jerusalem.

Valerie Ostenak 
USA, 928‐646‐7078

VOSTENAKstudios, a sole proprietorship, is focused on design of bespoke sculptural jewelry for discerning collectors, with some collections able to extend into high‐end design limited production markets. The use of steel speaks to the customer’s desire for an alternative to high karat gold while maintaining an exclusive and creative look, and incorporates those elements  they are familiar with: e.g., 14K, pearls, Swarovski crystals. Design style is organic and flowing. Inspired by the sensuous movement of roots, vines, and water, and the timeless seasonal changes of trees.

 JJ Williams
JJ Number8
USA, 949‐636‐6975 

JJ Number 8 is fresh, graceful and elegant. It is a beautiful and inspiring collection. The number 8 symbolizes good luck and happiness. JJ Number 8’s jewelry has a powerful allure and its brand has a magnetic connection with women.

Nuttapon (Kenny) Yongkiettakul (top photo)
Thailand, +662‐243‐2446

With the contemporary approach to jewelry design, the collection displays the beauty of nature and the art within the irregularity and randomness of it. The collection harmonizes modern structures and ideas together with the uniqueness of shapes and patterns.