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Monday, January 31, 2011

Italian Craftsmanship and Design from Antonini

Well-crafted gold, diamond highlights and colorful gems are among the hallmarks of new collections from Italian jewelry company, Antonini.

The company introduced its Extraordinaire collection during the Centurion 2011 jewelry show. The gold earrings, cocktail rings and necklaces are embellished with pavé diamonds and gemstones. There were two 18k white gold rings from the collection on display—each centered with a large sapphire, a five-ct. pink and an 8.7 blue. The stone on each ring was surrounded by diamond pave patterns that fell irregularly over the gold like water. It’s a classic design with modern touches.

K. Wolfgang Möckel, the company’s U.S. representative, said the collection was designed to complement its recently released Anniversary collection, created for the company’s 90th anniversary. One of the pieces from the collection on display was a rose gold necklace and pendant, highlighted with a spattering of champaign diamonds.

Left, necklace and pendant from Anniversary collection. Above right, Bangle from Milano collection and rings from Extraordinaire.

A bangle of interlocking rose gold strands on display was part the company’s Milano collection, which honors the city’s rich architectural history. The city is also the home of Antonini.

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