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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eva Peron’s Stolen Jewelry Recovered in Italy

Police show recovered stolen jewelry once belonging to Eva Perón.

Approximately $8.5 million of jewelry once owned by the famed first lady of Argentina, Eva Perón, has been recovered in Italy.

Italian Carabinieri, working with Spanish police, said Wednesday they found the diamond tiara, diamond earrings and rings in a hotel room on the outskirts of Milan, according to media reports.

Police say the jewels were stolen from a shop in Valencia, Spain, in December 2009, according to reports. A man was arrested for the theft last year in Milan.

Eva Perón was the second wife of Argentinean president Juan Perón (1895–1974) and served as the first lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. She is known by many all over the world, simply as Evita. Her life was the inspiration of the Broadway musical production of Evita, which played all over the world and was followed by a movie of the same name starring Madonna.


  1. Anthony, I have no idea how these jewels that once belonged to Eva Perón ended in a shop in Valencia...History has these kinds of twists and turns we all are aware of... However,and taking into account that I do not follow the peronist party´s point of view, I would like to make an important comment that has to do precisely with History, not with the fabulous jewels that have just been found: being argentinian, and having developed true admiration for Evita both as a woman and worker (Eva was the one who forced politicians in her time to accept feminine vote in the whole country and just only for that reason - important enough for me - I am, as are most of women in Argentina, her eternal fan) I honestly believe her once jewels should be part of our patrimony, not a private collector´s. I know you will understand my perspective and hope you do not consider this comment as negative, as I really think your articles, including this one, are truly second to none.
    As for the jewels themselves, there is nothing I could possibly write to add more beauty and claim more legacy than these fabulous, outstanding pieces!

  2. Mónica, thank you so much for your comments. As an Argentinian, you can attest to the value of these jewels based on the immense impact of the person who wore them. I did not feel comfortable discussing any part of Evita's life so I am certainly glad you gave a personal perspective on the person behind the jewels. You add so much to the discussion. Again, thank you.

  3. Anthony, thank you very much for your feedback and your kind consideration to my opinions about the post. And, thank you also for following me now in my blog ! Best,