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Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Look at New Royal Asscher Heritage Jewelry

Royal Asscher Diamond Company, the Holland-based firm that has been the jeweler to royalty throughout its 157-year history, earned its first Royal Title from the Dutch monarchy in 1980. That title was renewed in February and in its honor the company introduced two new rings.

Mike and Lita Asscher, representing the sixth generation of the family owned company, were on hand at Luxury at JCK jewelry trade show Wednesday to unveil the new creations.

The first is part of the company’s Stars of Africa collection, in which proceeds from the sales will go toward infrastructure, healthcare and education for children from African countries where diamonds are mined.

The 18k gold rings are plated with palladium to better enhance its white color. It incorporates the same clear half-sphere made of sapphire crystal filled with small diamonds that is the signature of the collection since it was introduced two years ago. The crystal half shells are filled with a clear silicone, which allow the tiny diamonds to float inside the ring as it is moves. In this case the diamonds are orange, representing the color of Holland. But as light hits the ring, the diamonds also take on a golden glow. The edge of the ring is lined with white diamonds and the side features the Royal Asscher crown logo.

The second piece is the Legacy vintage-inspired engagement ring, first mentioned last week on the Jewelry News Network, designed by Toronto-based jewelry designer Reena Ahluwalia. A signature Asscher cut diamond serves as the center stone of the platinum wave-like ring with smaller diamonds of different cuts detailing each side of the ring.

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