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Friday, July 15, 2011

Damiani’s New Rings Showcase its Color Pallet and Design Breadth

Paradise ring in white gold, diamonds and sapphires

Damiani, continues to demonstrate its excellence in Italian design with new collections that sparkle with a liberal use of colorful gold and gemstones. During the Baselworld Tradefair in Basel, Switzerland, and the Couture Show in Las Vegas, the Milan-based jewelry house unveiled a seemingly limitless supply of new colorful products. I decided to focus on new rings from four collections that help define how the company combines aesthic content with refined design to create classical jewelry with a modern sparkle.

Volume, light and color are the foundation of Damiani’s new Paradise collection in which it uses these elements to capture the beauty of starry skies and the mysterious, distant allure of celestial constellations. The collection combines gold, diamonds and precious gems for sparkling effects.

Paradise rings come in white gold with diamonds; white gold with diamonds and sapphires; and yellow gold and fancy diamonds. Pictured: Paradise ring in white gold, diamonds and sapphires.

Moon Drops
For its Moon Drops collection, Damiani looked to italian jewelry designer Ludovica Andreoni Montezemolo. Known as a style-icon and trend-setter, the designer created a collection that plays with different shades of yellow, rose and white gold and with black, white and brown diamonds.

The rings are versatile and easy to match, available in the three shades of gold and with precious and semiprecious stones of different colors. They can be worn one by one or mixed together.

The soft and rounded shapes are designed to attract contemporary women who can create a personal style by combining different pieces. Pictured: Moon Drop rings in three shades of gold with precious and semiprecious stones of different colors. They can be worn individually or mixed together.

Patterns of light and space are the hallmarks of Damiani’s Macramè collection. As the name implys, the textile technique was the inspiration behind the design of the line includes six models (three rings, two jewels and a bracelet). To me, it’s most reminiscent of the Cavandoli macramé, which uses geometric and free-form patterns like weaving.

The rings in the collection come in two chromatic versions: A classical one in white gold with diamonds and a more innovative and trendy one in rose gold with brown diamonds. Pictured: Macramè ring in rose gold with brown diamonds. 

Metropolitan Dream
The company added to its successful Metropolitan Dream collection with three solitaire rings in rose, white and black gold. The inspiration for this line comes from the skylines of major cities at various stages of the day. The rounded edges of the gold rings, earrings, bangles and pendants are shaped by miniature squares that provides a textured look and feel. It is a modern design that the quality of its tradition. Pictured: Metropolitan solitaire rings in white, black and rose gold.