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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Royal Asscher Opens Flagship Store in Tokyo

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company opened its first flagship store in Japan on July 15, located on the Ginza Street in the center of Tokyo. It represents the company’s first store in Asia.

“It shows our total commitment to Japan in these difficult times,” said Edward Asscher, president of the Netherlands-based company. “We have great respect for the solidarity and vigor the Japanese people has shown to rebuild and overcome their predicament. We are thrilled to continue building our relationship and being part of the most memorable moments of people lives.”

Situated in a prime location, in the heart of the luxury shopping area, in the company of other reputable stores such as LVMH, Bulgari and Chanel, it is also the first Dutch-based company retail operation on the Ginza.

The interior of the modern store is decorated in white contrasting with Royal Asscher’s signature blue and showcases a variety of Royal Asscher diamond engagement rings and jewelry. In commemoration of the opening of the store, a Royal Asscher diamond tiara has been created containing a total of 10 carats of diamonds set in platinum and valued at $385,000. The tiara will be loaned as a special treat to brides who purchase a Royal Asscher engagement ring in the Ginza store.

1 comment:

  1. Being a fan of everything Royal Asscher has always crafted and offered, I have largely been more than in love ( actually I would say, literally out of my mind) with this exquisite 10-carat diamond tiara set in platinum which exudes so much romanticism and beauty.
    There is no doubt Edward Asscher has made the most precise and timely business movement opening his recent flagship store in Tokyo. We all are still in awe at watching the huge catastrophe images of the recent earthquake and later tsunami that devastated the island. However, Japanese people possess that incredible and enviable strength of spirit which seems to contain nothing but a true conviction that, no matter how much suffering and loss they may go through, there is always the light coming from their very best to make a re-birth of themselves and their country out of any unimaginable tragedy.
    Remarkably, Royal Asscher has pioneered the process of showing trust in regaining the luxury market confidence on Japanese consumption, in this case, of fine and exclusive jewelry.
    The company, globally acclaimed for its exquisite pieces, also deserves to be highly congratulated on its brand new store in Ginza Street for the many reasons described above and also just because they are simply one of my favourite jewelry makers.