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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Galatea’s Queen Bead Carved Pearl Designs

Queen Bead Queen Bracelet

Chi Huynh is both a jeweler and an artist. His canvas and his muse are pearls. Already beautiful in their own right, he takes each individual pearl and carves designs in them or he pairs them with precious metals and gemstones in unusual ways to create individual works of art. The results are quite striking, as detailed and refined as any artist or craftsman who works with more traditional materials.

Queen Bead Levitation Hope Necklace
Huynh’s company, Galatea: Jewelry by Artist, has introduced a new collection that capitalizes on the popularity of jewelry with interchangeable beads. Called the Queen Bead Collection, it offers a way to create dramatic cultured pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings one pearl at a time. Huynh says it’s for women looking to express her own personal style. The collection includes 39 carved pearl designs. Available in black South Sea as well as white and peach freshwater pearls, the “beads” in the collection can be rearranged at will. Measuring 10-12 mm. with sterling silver cores, Queen Beads are designed to be collected. Suggested retail prices begin at $112.50 for a single South Sea Queen Bead and $45 for a freshwater Queen Bead.

Queen Bead Integrity Bracelet

The new line includes sterling silver bracelets and necklaces featuring the company's sterling silver magnetic Galatea Attraction clasps with an internal closure. Earrings are also available.