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Friday, November 25, 2016

Divisive Donald Trump Election Leads Jeweler To Donate 50% Of Sales To Charities

An Arizona jeweler became so disheartened with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States that she decided to create a campaign to donate half of her company’s sales to causes that she fears will be neglected when the new administration begins.

Konstantina Mahlia, owner of the jewelry brand, Mahlia Collection, “impulsively” started this campaign a week ago out of frustration, and it quickly gained traction with several non-profit organizations. The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, Equality Arizona, Planned Parenthood and Sea Turtle Conservancy are on board with this campaign and in some cases are providing marketing assistance.

No one is more surprised by this initial success than Mahlia.

“I (cold-called) the presidents of these organizations saying ‘I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m looking for help to make it work’ and everybody called me back,” Mahlia said.

The name of the campaign is “We Can” and the impulsive nature of it shows as it is incorrectly listed as “Our Way,” on the Mahlia Collection website. It has since been corrected. The campaign is scheduled to run until December 31 but she may extend it. Mahlia also purchased the domain for “We Can” and is in the process of creating a dedicated web presence for the campaign. 

For Mahlia, this isn’t a marketing ploy to increase sales or brand awareness. “If I get any money out of this it will be a miracle,” she said.

Konstantina Mahlia

The campaign is being managed directly through the Mahlia eCommerce website. When someone purchases a product, right before paying a pop up window comes up with the list of partner organizations. Buyers can direct half of the cost of the product to the non-profit of their choice. Each organization has dedicated space on their website for the campaign for accountability and credit to donors for tax purposes (donations are tax deductible).

Buyers can also choose to opt out of directing the money to any organization. 

Ultimately, she says she hopes to build a network of people who have the same concerns as she. 

“I hope it inspires others to step up the plate to do something that is civic minded and empowering,” she says. “Hopefully, we can create an affiliation of like-minded people and know that you’re not just huddled in your world depressed at the demise of the world that is on the way.” 

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