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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Harry Winston Goes Contemporary With New ‘HW Logo’ Collection

The luxury jewelry house known for its sparkling white diamonds is placing a focus on various colors of gold with the brand’s new “HW Logo” collection. In addition, with its styling, the way it can be worn and its price, series of pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings is an attempt to reach out to a younger consumer. 

As the name implies the collection brings Harry Winston’s signature logo to the forefront of the jewels. The iconic “HW” logo with its lozenge shape has been the symbol of the jewelry and watch brand for more than five decades. It is based on the structural silhouette of the emerald-cut, the preferred diamond cut of the brand’s founder, Harry Winston. 

HW Logo yellow gold band ring. Retails for $2,400

The pieces are sleek, modern and understated, fashioned out of 18k yellow, rose and white gold. Being Harry Winston, round brilliant white diamonds also make an appearance either sprinkled on the jewels or placed in rows. There’s a balanced geometric quality to the design with the logo appearing in a number of ways that complement the use of diamonds. Balance can also be used to describe the offering in the collection. Each style appears in white, yellow and rose gold.

HW Logo rose gold diamond pendant. Retails for $2,300

While the styling may be on the modern side, the use of the “HW” logo cements the collection with its roots. 

The jewels are designed to be worn alone or layered and the rings can be purchased as wedding bands, both nods to a more youthful clientele. 

HW Logo white gold diamond earrings. retails for $3,100

Prior to this collection, Harry Winston only had a very small offering of yellow gold with a few pieces of its Lily Cluster collection. This is the first time the brand is using rose gold.

The price, if not directly related to a younger clientele, should certainly attract a broader buyer as it ranges from an accessible $2,300 for the pendant necklace to $20,000 for the bangle. The price also appeals to gift giving as the upcoming holiday season approaches. 

The collection is available at Harry Winston boutiques worldwide. 

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