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Monday, April 11, 2011

Jacob & Co. Tourbillon and 5 Timezones Watches

BASEL, Switzerland – U.S.-based Jewelry and timepiece company, Jacob & Co., presented several watches that challenged conventional watchmaking methods in terms of design and technical advancements. Three of the watches that represent a sampling of what was shown to me at the Baselworld trade fair follow.

Cyclone Tourbillon
This unusual watch (pictured above) is receiving a great deal of play in the international press for its transparent appearance and technical qualities. The company says it is the first tourbillon in which the tourbillon system and the automatic winding system are completely visible and integrated with each other. The tourbillon carriage is mounted on the oscillating mass of the automatic winding system, moved from its normal position on the back of the watch to the dial side of the movement, offering a full view of its motion. The entire arrangement is contained in a calbre LFT 108 movement, 11.91mm in height, with a diameter of 34.60mm. The automatic winding system is bidirectional, with a power reserve of 45 hours. There is no dial in the conventional sense. Instead, the hour and minute display, small seconds display, and power reserve are incorporated directly into the upper plate of the movement, allowing free movement, as well as an unobstructed view.

Ghost 5 Collection
Part of its new G5 series of the company’s well-known Five Timezones watches, the timepieces show the day and date in five different time zones “on demand.” With the press of a button, the digital displays are illuminated. The pentagonal shape of the case is in the style of the company’s. Five Timezones watch. The watch provides a variety of choices. For example, pressing each of the crowns individually illuminates a single time display, while a longer press of the crown located at the upper right corner of the pentagon will illuminate all displays, which are able to display 32 colors including. The date alone can be displayed for each timezone and the Jacob & Co. logo in the center of the watch glows whenever the time display is activated. Each Ghost timepiece features an interchangeable bezel, available in black PVD, carbon fiber, stainless steel, or 18k rose gold, with white or black diamond set bezels also available.

Grand 5 Collection
This watch collection is similar to Jacob & Co.’s original Five Timezones watch in displaying the local time, as well as the time in four referenced world class cities around the globe. However, the pentagon-shaped watch shows the local time on a dial of the same dimensions as the other timezones. Its central focus is a “turbine” accent that anchors the design and is reminiscent of the air intake of the jet engines. The company says it evokes the adventurous spirit of the 1960s when air travel when the term “jet setter” was coined. Aerodynamically styled bezel elements further accentuate that link. Finishes include 18k rose gold, stainless steel, and stainless steel finished in black PVD (one model receives the full black PVD treatment.) All Grand timepieces are powered by Swiss precision quartz movements, and come with black rubber straps with folding clasps.

Tomorrow, Jacob & Co.'s new jewelry collections from Baselworld.

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