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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Milla Jovovich is the Face of Jacob & Co.

Milla Jovovich and Jacob Arabo

BASEL, Switzerland – Jacob & Co. announced that the new face of its global advertising campaign is actress and model, Milla Jovovich. The unveiling was held March 27 during a party at the Jacob & Co. booth during Baselworld, the world’s largest watch and jewelry tradeshow.

I was unable to attend the event but earlier did get a tour of the new high-carat, high-cost jewelry and watches that company unveiled during the show, more on that later. 

The theme of the event was the representation of Jacob & Co.’s global philosophy of multiple time zones, each of the models was esthetically indicative of cities or ethnicities, including: Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Dubai and New York. Celebrated DJ Kay Rush was the MC and host of the cocktail, greeting the crowd in 5 different languages and introducing Milla Jovovich to the guests.

“This evening is an important milestone for Jacob & Co.” said Jacob Arabo, founder and owner of Jacob & Co. “We have been looking for the right personality and beauty that represents what I call; ‘The Jacob Girl’, she is a sophisticated world traveler, self accomplished and exudes an assertive feminine personality, lastly, she is absolutely gorgeous.”

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