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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blue Nile: ‘Man Up’ and Say ‘I Do’

Blue Nile is fed up with mamby pamby men who are afraid of commitment. To revive the chivalrous spirit of yesteryear, the online diamond and jewelry retailer, is throwing down the gauntlet, asking, “Are You Man Enough to Say ‘I Do’?” The man who tells the ultimate story of masculinity will receive the company's assistance to do the manliest thing of all: Step up, take a knee, and earn his place by her side. The Grand Prize includes:

* A Blue Nile diamond engagement ring valued at up to $7,500,
* First-class airfare to New York City,
* Accommodations including hotel stay, dinner for two, transportation, $1,000 in spending money, and
* A proposal, live in front of the world, at the NASDAQ open on Friday, November 25.

What earns such a virile prize? How about Odysseus' quest to return to Penelope. Or, Dante's nine-circle descent to be worthy of Beatrice. Alternately, contestants may pen their own epic or post a video explaining what they would do to earn the perfect proposal. Blue Nile says examples may include:

* Wrestling a wild boar whilst wearing a ham necklace.
* Reciting the 100,000-verse Indian Sanskrit Epic, Mahabharata, backwards.
* Abstaining from an entire season of football (excepting the Super Bowl).

“Are You Man Enough to Say ‘I Do’?" is hosted on Blue Nile's Facebook page. Submissions are collected until 3:00 p.m. (PST), November 4. The top five stories will be displayed for public voting during the week of November 7. At the end of that week, the top vote earner will win the Grand Prize.

All entries are displayed anonymously to ensure those wanting to surprise their future fiancés with a proposal are still able to do so. 

Below is a tongue-and-cheek video by Blue Nile about the promotion:

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