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Monday, March 21, 2011

Report: Kimberley Process Allows Zimbabwe to Sell Marange Field Diamonds

Mathieu Yamba,  Kimberley Process chairperson. Photo credit:

The chairman of the Kimberley Process is allowing Zimbabwe to sell diamonds from the controversial Marange Fields, according to a report from Rapaport News.

The diamond publication said it has obtained a copy of the letter written by Mathieu Yamba, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and letter sent to Kimberley Process participants and observers. It reads in part: “With immediate effect, Zimbabwe is hereby authorized to resume exports from the compliant mining operations of Mbada and Canadile (Marange Resources).”

The exports will include the stockpile of diamonds held from the two concessions as well current production, according to the online publication. He did not authorize exports of diamonds mined between 2007 and 2009, held by various other sources.

The publication also reports that the United States and European Union has objected to the decision. U.S. officials reportedly sent word to KP authorities in India and the United Arab Emirates stating that it would view any shipments proceeding as a result of the decision as non-compliant.

The U.S. also warned that it would publish the names of companies taking delivery of these goods on the State Department website to ensure that U.S. companies are aware of potential non-compliant goods that may be in their supplier’s stocks, and ask the Office of Foreign Assets Control, which administers U.S. sanctions, to look more closely at the issue of these transactions, the publication reports.

To read more on this ongoing story, please go to the search engine of the blog and type the words "Kimberley Process" or "Zimbabwe."

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