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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rugged and Delicate, the Jewelry of Élise Bergeron

20k gold ring with purple sapphire.

The jewelry section of the Buyers Market of American Craft show in Philadelphia was energized with several new exhibitors presenting innovative concepts and designs. Among the standouts was Élise Bergeron. Technically, this is her second BMAC show. Last year’s show was to be the debut of her new company, but a snowstorm in Philadelphia caused the Quebec, Canada, resident to miss nearly the entire show.

22k earrings with cultured pearls.
Trained in both the visual arts and art history, Bergeron was formerly a museum curator and cultural officer for the city of Montreal before turning to jewelry design about 12 years ago and starting her own business last year. She specializes in casting and forging fine silver and high karat gold (from 20k to 24k), sometimes mixing the two metals, from a single piece into miniaturized rugged, yet delicate, sculptured shapes—matching them with colorful gemstones and cultured pearls. Some items take on the appearance of crumpled foil.

Bergeron does her own gold refining. In fact she says she loves the idea of using fire and her skills to create pieces of ornamentation from what was once a formless piece of precious metal.

“My work is more organic, less classical,” she says. “I think it has some character.”

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