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Monday, March 14, 2011

Conference to Examine Substance, Significance and Symbol of Gold

Mary Lee Hu, Choker, 1991, 18 Karat and 22 Karat Gold. Photo courtesy: Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery, Seattle.

An upcoming conference will take an all-embracing look at gold will be April 8 and 9 at the Graduate Center City University of New York. The conference, Gold Substance, Significance, and Symbol, will consider the precious metal it in all its physical manifestations—from mineral, to ingot, to coinage, to jewelry—and at all stages of its production and use.

The conference will explore contemporary approaches to mining, with close attention paid to sustainable and socially and environmentally conscious extraction and the related subjects of the increasing use of reclaimed metal and corporate social responsibility. It will look at gold throughout history, and collectors and collections of gold. In addition, it will extend beyond gold’s role as a repository of value, and consider its symbolism and how that has evolved over time. Finally, the event will examine contemporary work in gold, by large firms or individual artisans who continue to shape this intensely coveted metal into objects of beauty and utility.

The event will include an evening reception at Aaron Faber Gallery and a screening of the award-winning film, Red Gold complement formal sessions. Speakers will include: Juan Carlos Artigas, Investment Research Manager, World Gold Council; Marilyn F. Cooperman, jewelry designer; Bonnie Gestring, Northwest Circuit Director, EARTHWORKS; Mary Lee Hu, goldsmith and educator; and Géza von Habsburg, art historian, exhibition curator.

Registration is $350 and $150 for students. To register online, follow this link.

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